In SEXUALSNAP the good formula has been found so that every single person – children, young or adult – can both develop and acquire skills in sexual health and sexuality, as well as achieve the well-being.

E= S.N.A.P + (Resilience x Social network x Reaction) = IDENTITY

Thus, we’ll be able to follow you while betting for the version of yourself.

In SEXUALSNAP we assume everybody is an individual and the world each individual belongs to is composed of a set of formulas which SEXUALSNAP works on with a little bit of creativity, some information and everything about closeness in many areas related to sexual education and those ones resulting from it such us family reconciliation, respect and inclusion of diversity, integration of people, reduction of violence and sexual and reproductive rights, integrated into human rights.

Equally important, they are all necessary to ensure the education and growth of the whole person, to curb stigma, to reduce psychological pathologies and, of course, to bring both, autonomy to the people and respect to the society.

I do not believe in gender violence, I do believe that genre is violence itself; the norms of masculinity and feminist, as we know them, produce violence themselves